Car Hire Agreement Format {Printable Template}

Check out car rental agreement between two parties in U.K format. From truck to small vehicle, each terms and condition and complete analysis required in this template. Download printable template in PDF, Excel and Word, blank and editable form.

Easily get free car hire agreements here making your agreements more secured due to their availability in different formats. Commercial rental agreements and building rental agreements are also added here to easily download a one. Car are fixed assets of business therefore also showed up in balance sheet and profit and loss accounts therefore renting them out is common for the business to earn extra amount especially if it is not in use for specific operation.

Car Hire Agreement Format

  • Add basic information of both parties. Buyer name, seller name, car_Hire_rental_formsaddresses and phone number.
  • Description f your car its model, year, make, brand and VIN to authenticate your car.
  • Add terms and condition of the agreement.
  • Its approval is mentioned and finally the signature of both parties marks completion of the hire agreement.


While renting out a specific car you are required to pay a specific amount as security deposit to the owner of the car. If any damage to the car is noticed while it is in your use some amount is deducted from security deposit as mentioned in the rental agreement. It is usually for 1 year after which it is renewed if agreed upon by both parties.

Car Hire with Driver Agreement Form

While renting or leasing out car is common for personal or business purpose as a owner you must strictly followed the terms and rules mentioned on the rental agreement as it is for security of your car.

People on the other hand also rent out their cars and automobile to companies and people by adopting this as side business however when you are renting out your asset you should be aware of the hire and rental agreement to prevent security and value of your car. If you value for the money use car hire agreement.

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