Gross Profit Margin Template by Business Segment

After calculating gross profit margin you may use some bar of graphically presentation for documentation reviewed by other project manager, so these template help you to understand how to create easily profit of good has been sold out?

That type of template been use usually for inventory stock documentation and daily basis stock revenue calculation reporting. Financial advisory or project management relates to accounts take help from these template for creating tracking or reporting inventory template with all stats.

Format of Gross Profit Margin Graph

Check out some essentially operating factor in that particular bar graph, excel formulas help to calculate your required figure properly.

Gross Profit Margin Template

For example you are calculating sales of some sold out items, so check out how to calculate all.

  • Item Sales (Total Figure)
  • Cost of Goods Sold (Beginning of Inventory)
  • Purchases- Net
  • Cost of Goods Available
  • Less:- Ending Inventory
  • Cost of goods sold

Now finally after calculating you can get gross profit either in amount or in percentage, this figure you can easily adjust in bar graph for easy reporting. Some software of project management relates to financial operation optimize this graph auto.

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