Calculating ownership cost of car and house can be easily done if you are using excel templates added here for you. Automobile maintenance cost and house ownership cost can also be calculated if you are operating these templates. Once a person has decided to buy some sort of an asset like vehicle or car some questions should be consider before buying it. What is the cost required to buy it? Am I able to pay out insurance premium? What are the other costs linking with this vehicle?

Depend on life cycle cost of car, Some parts of vehicle require changing after specific period of time like tires however it is dependent on the use and maintenance of the owner. If you are taking your car to shabby roads and roads with excessive bumps it often causes damage to tires.

Life Cycle Cost Graph for Car

Format of Ownership Cost of Cars in Excel Template

Table is selected with specific number of rows and column to make a comparison between cost required to keep existing asset or buying new one.

  • Vehicle information like model year, make model, body style and fuel type is added.
  • Purchase price is added consisting of trade in value and purchase price.
  • Financing costs, insurance costs and fees are also added in the template.

Insurance premium required to pay monthly by the car owner is dependent on the vehicle you owe. Car ownership costs can be easily calculated using excels templates using summing up formula by selecting and highlighting the cells to evaluate cost linked with some specific type of expense.

Ownership cost of car in Excel

Home Ownership Excel Template

Usually two major types of assets linked with personal use of an individual is vehicle and home therefore cost estimation process is practiced by owners when they are taking the decision for buying these assets. Ownership cost of car in Excel templates are helpful in showing the expense linked with existing assets own by person and comparing them with the new assets.

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