Safety Stock Calculation in Excel with Sales Forecasting 2017

Basically it’s software, in excel template you can just get simple template of safety stock calculation regarding sales forecasting in year 2017. Some product base safety stock template use daily monitoring data and track the summary entire month. Every stock forecasting sheet helps you to analysis data with respect to past year of particular business or product performance.

Measuring calculation is easy in this sheet of excel. If you want some Customized template than you must Contact us and give us data of required sheet of excel. Review stock order form template in Word format.

Safety Stock Calculation in Excel

Let’s check out some basic necessary checklist in this template, no of features isn’t display in this template.

  • SKU Name
  • Product Name
  • Supplier
  • On-Hand
  • Reorder Point
  • Service Level
  • Lead Time
  • Stock Cover
  • MAPE
  • Date and Time

Download:-  monthly_sales_report_template

Some more safety stock calculation for sales forecasting in 2017 is ready for you and given for only request. Just Email us and we will direct Email to you.

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