Sample House Renovation Budget Excel Template

Make your house look stylish by downloading house renovation templates added here for house owners to prepare excel budget easily. Family budget planner and business planner templates are also searched by same users. Different factors are considered by house owners when they are taking renovation decisions like which area of the house require renovation? Should a part of the house is renovated or the whole house? Are we having sufficient amount to make out house a new and classy look for the event? Which brand tiles or other display items are considerable by you?

To work out on all these queries and at the same time making e suitable budget for your house renovation is quite easier through downloading a suitable template online and filling it to easily calculate the costs and making a renovation decision for your house. House renovation is common if the house is old or if the owner value for his asset.

Format of House Renovation Budget Excel Template

Expense Budget Tracker Template
Expense Budget Tracker

Some important details required for preceding the expense of house management, Financial Analysis is the key regarding this entire process.

  • Project information: You are required to add an area of the house chosen for renovation and the contractor name.
  • Description: Add the details about the renovation like “painting cabinets, replacing sinks, new window frames and applying new wall papers”.
  • Contractor: Add the details of the contractor company, address, phone number, website and license number of the company.
  • Financial status: You are required to enter cash amount, financed amounts and total allotted funds.
  • Funds used to dates and funds remaining are also showed in this budget template.
  • Budget: Estimated and actual costs are added in the sheet to show the function of budget towards the particular project.

Family Budget Planner Template Excel

Imagine you are taking lounge expansion decision therefore you require a planner to effectively initiate and accomplish the project. You are require to start work by formulating a sheet holding details of the project like project name, project budget, total actual cost and the difference.

House Renovation Budget Excel

If the amount remain under budget this is usually showed up with green color however a major negative difference is showed up with red color. A horizontal bar graph is inserted to show the total actual and total budget costs.

You are required to find out that whether you are having sufficient amount in the hand to completely remodel a specific area to prevent shortage of money while working has been initiated. The expansion template holds the headings like area, room, item, estimated and actual. Items in a room include carpet, electrical, general and networking. All the estimated and actual costs are listed in front of each category.

Expense Budget Worksheet Excel

Having a visual observation of the budget is helpful as you are not able to memorize different amounts when different parts of the house are selected for remodeling.

You can arrange the amount before initiating working focusing on parts with high priorities and touching the other parts later. Selection of a suitable contractor company is easy through jobs cards provided by them. Increase or decrease your house renovation budget excel template through added here.

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