This is very important graphical stimulation in XLX file in pre-orderly calculate from excel formulas. You can easily calculate investment on first month, yearly increase factor and many other basic transaction depending on fracture on equity.

Check out some checklist of return on investment template in excel spreadsheet according to investment per month, return on equities, principal amount ETC.

ROI Template Sample 1

Checklist of ROI Template

Here are some checklist you must be consider in creating this template in well-manner. Each graph must be visible and placed in one dashboard.


  • Expected Return on Fixed
  • First Month Investment
  • Yearly Increased %
  • Expected Return on Equities
  • Fraction in Equities
  • Volatility


  • Yearly Investment
  • Principal in Year 35
  • Out of Pocket Investment
  • Annualized Return

Each input value described in graphical presentation within template as you can see in image display above in post. This template is only available in customized edition so contact us for designing according to your demand.


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