What is Credit Note and Online Payment Procedure?

Are you looking for download free credit note? Click here and make payment procedure in your company more efficient. Debit note and other simple documents are also designed here to help the accounts department of the companies.

Accounts receivable and accounts payable can be effectively controlled by using these documents especially for credit sales and therefore, keeping the updated balance on the accounts.

Credit sales are preferred these days, as you can easily pay the amount, without worrying about bigger amounts, if orders are placed for large number of raw material units. It ensures improved cash flow as your payments are not booked, however you are required to ensure that the procedure is reliable and updated.

What is Credit Note

What is Credit Note and Payment Procedure?

Show your company name and logo on the note so make it authentically linked with your company

  • Add credit number, customer PO number and date on the note.
  • Add quantity and description of the units in the note.
  • Other information should be linked account, VAT, unit price and line total.

Show subtotal, VAT and total amount individually. If there are rules regarding payment and return policy, also add it on the credit note to make it more effective.

  • Select date and amount before submitting
  • Production planning
  • Supply chain
  • Product
  • Reference
  • Best suppliers
  • Adjust quantity
  • Comments

Credit Note Template Excel

Effective Payments Procedures

Credit sales and purchases can be beneficial for companies or they affect the mutual relationship of buyers and sellers due to confusion over products quantity and price. For more information about AccountingFeed.com click the more template like that.

While preparing credit note don’t forget to mention each amount individually, as it is definitely beneficial for calculating the amount required to be returned. To help your finance departments various credit notes are added here.

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